Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of GHOULEYE!

Just wanted to give you all an update that on Wednesday, July 2nd, I custom designed, and ordered the Monster Bash 2008 invitations. They will not only reveal the date/time/magic of monster bash, they will also reveal...THE THEME of Monster Bash 2008. Any ideas yet? Starting in September, maybe end of August, I will be dropping hints. so sleep with one eye open.

Someone at work the other day said to me that I should refer to "July" as "Ghouleye"...and I can't really help but agree. Ghouleye is brilliant! I already refer to potatoes as "ghostatoes" as in "smashed ghostatoes" (mashed potatoes) so why wouldn't Ghouleye already be in my vocabulary?

I dare you to use Ghouleye at least once today instead of July. DO IT!

There really aren't too many things scary about the 4th of Ghouleye. Fireworks, when they first begin, can be scary because they're loud and they set car alarms off so you feel like you're involved in a criminal situation, but then they're big and pretty and colorful so they're not really that scary.
Nope, not scary at all. But definitely enjoyable!

Uncle Sam, on the other hand, kind of looks scary. Now, stop that. I'm very American. I'm just saying that the picture is a little...well...frightening.
uncle sam
he's pointing RIGHT AT YOU. He wants YOU to do something for him. Now granted, he's wearing a hat with little stars on it and a red bowtie...but...

what if we made him look like a ZOMBIE! Then what would he want from you? FLESH.

or a creepy old clown man! I don't know what he wants me for, but I'm not sticking around to find out! I'm running away ahhh!!!

or the...undead (not zombie, just undead)! He wants me...DEAD! AHHH!!!

now he's scary!!

I guess it's pretty safe to say that something about an eccentric older man is scary.

Remember Cain in Poltergeist?

or Ralph from the Original Friday the 13th:

someone even made a tribute to him, that's how influential he is on horror:

And of course, Grandpa from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (I couldn't find a good picture so go to the link to see him).

Anyways, I'm off on a tangent, but bascially, Today isn't a SpOOoOoOoOoky day, per say, but we sure as hell can make it one!

Happy 4th of Ghouleye, Monster Bashers!


Jim said...

Let's celebrate by watching the Ben Franklin documentary on the History Channel and the Twilight Zone marathon.

Stop pretending to wear my shorts.