Monday, March 17, 2008

Up and Coming SpoOoOoOky

So, I don't know why I, Monster Bash 2008, have never heard of this website...but fear not, I've found it!

i was googling "scary movies 2008" in hopes to find some spooky delights to keep me occupied until 10/31/08...and this magical website hopped up onto the results:

Upcoming Horror Movies (UHM)

seriously, what did I do with my life before this was a part of it?

a couple of gems that appear to be coming to a theater near you are:

Donkey Punch, which, according to another new horror movie central fave of mine "FearNet.Com" discusses the central significance of what exactly a donkey punch is...which if you don't may as well wikipedia it, because i'm not elaborating. all i know is that the movie sounds very hostile/saw-esque, and i'm not really a fan of those types of movies...too realistically scary. give me jason voorhees in space instead.

Anyways, check it out, i'll wait here...let me know what upcoming scaaaary movie you're most looking forward to!


I'll try that! said...

Im not sure if you would consider it a horror movie (its mostly scifi) but, I just watched a movie called Sunshine.
It has the guy from Batman Begins that plays Scarecrow... He was in other stuff too, thats just what sticks out in my mind. Also, the human torch from Fantastic 4 is in it.

It starts off 100% scifi, then raises the spookiness level a bit which keeps a horror feel for a while, and ends up back in the scifi range by then end.

Might be worth a watch, if the storyline interests you.

Monster Bash said...

I like how it's called "sunshine", but it still has a spoooooky feel to it. I'm intrigued by it..i'll have to check it out..

that guy that played scarecrow reminds me of "bandit" from the mario party series...are you familiar with him? he has that same sneaky look...oh wait...actually..i'm thinking of that guy that was....

ALAN CUMMING. that's who i'm thinking was scarecrow...

you know how i found that? i had to search "minnie driver" on imdb because i couldn't remember the name of the movie that she was in with a.c. (it was circle of friends) and then i found him via the circle of friends entry on

anyways, i'll have to def check sunshine out...thanks! and hey, could you try out the new chocolate flavored skittles? i think they may be gross.

Jim said...

Hey Monster Bash, just wondering if you could tell me how many fog machines you'll have this year?

Also, could you please please please reveal the theme of the party...there's speculation all over the internet and I was hoping to get the scoop.

My guess is "Death by Chocolate."

Monster Bash said...

Hey Jim!

well, i'm hoping to get another fog machine this year, bringing the grand total up to 3, but knowing your friend cos...i'll probably have to refrain, or put him in a glass bubble because he's allergic.

I love the idea of "Death by Chocolate"...but unfortunately, the votes have already been tallied and we already have our theme for M.B.'08...

you'll have to wait and see...