Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Halloween new vs. old

So, I've given you a few days to digest a blog solely dedicated to my fav. holiday...let's start with a personal favorite movie of mine that shares the same name: Halloween.

in case you forgot, Rob Zombie also remade the original movie, and to be honest, i liked it! i thought it was great. Sure, it wasn't the was a little more gory and a little less suspenseful, but I thought it was a great movie all on its own...what were your thoughts?

I thought that new michael myers looked a lot more gritty and scary compared to old michael myers:

Also, the death scenes in the new one were pretty gory in comparison to the older one, which didn't surprise me, considering that zombie also has made The Devil's Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses...both extraordinarily gory...right?

But, getting wrapped up in all the gore of new-age michael myers makes me almost forget a diamond in the rough...

Halloween: Resurrection

This movie is the worst/best movie of all time. I think it might also be my favorite. some loser kid (dexter? deckard? daxter? who cares) is typing on the computer to some girl he likes who happens to win a "contest" to be in the old michael myers house overnight with another group guessed it...slutty promiscuous teens! where's jason when you need him? and then you know what? michael myers is his house! waiting to kill! awesome! and who's the girl's only hope? loser computer guy! because it's being streamed live! they hooked up hidden surveillance cameras throughout michael myers' haunted, condemned house! the house that has been a crime scene for the past 18 halloween movies! but come on in and spend the night and film it!
god bless the computer era!!

but the best part you ask?

the best part, obviously, is that the contest is being run by.......

yes! busta rhymes and tyra banks!

i smell academy award.

but i digress...

let's get back on track here.

so who's better? new or old? i bet anything you're all going to say "old" because you're "true to your roots". and that's fine with me.



7 months until Halloween!!!


Jim said...

I really love your critical analysis of the Halloween movie franchise. Anytime Tyra Banks gets involved in anything, I think the bar is automatically raised.

Monster Bash said...

Thanks Jim!

I have to agree. I think Tyra adds a spoooOOOoooooOkiness factor that can only be magnified by the artistic talent of Busta Rhymes. All in all, H-Res was a work of art-a masterpiece.