Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Descent...into Horror!

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So, my dad kept pressuring me to watch the movie "The Descent", and for awhile, I ignored his pleas. I mean, this is the same man who advocated for the movies "White Chicks", "Scary Movie", and "Stealth". All stinkers, in my opinion. So needless for me to say, I didn't want to see the Descent because I figured it'd be pure garbage.

The movie is about this group of women friends who live for adrenaline pumping fun:
The Descent Pictures, Images and Photos

The beginning scene engulfs you because there is a tragedy and one of the friends, Sarah, is affected. I'm not going to spill the beans, you have to watch...

Skip ahead and you find out that the one friend, Juno, who's kind of a bitch, decides to plan this awesome caving expedition to this unknown cave deep below the Earth as a way to bring the group of friends back together.

Well, of course everything goes wrong, rocks cover the entrance and block it, the girls are trying to find a 2nd entrance....Sarah has this sneaking suspicion that they're not alone in this cave. Suddenly they hear and see something...

The girls frantically search around for what's going on and you see this through the infrared nightvision:
descent Pictures, Images and Photos

I jumped 4 feet out of my chair, I was terrified. What the hell was that?!?!

Well, they're called crawlers, and they are mutated human-like creatures that have adapted to living deep beneath the Earth's surface.

The pro? They're completely blind and they hunt based on sound.

A huge gore-fest ensues, and the ending? Well, very ambiguous.

I guess that's why there's a sequel set for February 27, 2009.

How good is this movie?

There are scenes that make you feel claustrophobic:
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Grossed out:
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Happy to be alive:
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and most of all, scared for your life:
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This movie rules...for once, dad and I agree on a movie! Check it out!


Fear Street said...

I LOVE this movie!!!

No matter how many times I watch it, I will forever get the creeps when I see the crawlers.