Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Early Darkness = Horror

So, there's really not much that's spoOoOoOoOoky about this holiday season. It's hard for me, Monster Bash blog, to try and dig to find scary things about the holidays. I mean, it's all twinkling and sparkles and choirs and happiness and gifts.

But there is one thing that's frightening about winter...

well, there's a few things, but one that stuck out most to me:
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Now that we've "fallen back" and turned the clocks an hour back, it's getting darker earlier.
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And if I only know one thing, it's that darkness = scariness.

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The Descent really got me into this whole dark thing, because the entire movie is based around being in complete darkness.

But now I find myself leaving work and the sun is setting, and it's not even 5 pm yet.

And it scares me!

What if someone's in the backseat of my car...waiting for me? I can't see them right away...


What if someone is creeping up behind me...will I see them?

NOPE...too dark!

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But maybe there's nothing to be afraid of in the dark...


is there?

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Jim said...


The passage about someone being in the back seat got me.

Monster Bash Blog said...

are you saying that because you think i'm a backseat driver?

Anonymous said...

just got blog back up and running. i posted a few pics from Halloween night. check it out when you get some time
stay true~