Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Horror Pens!

Jim is an avid reader of the X-Entertainment Blog, and I have to admit, I like where they take Halloween. X-E. Blog began discussing Halloween in August, making them my new best friend.

Well, Jim informed me today that X.E.B had blogged about these pens, which include 3 heavy hitters of horror, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kreuger, and Leatherface...all with strangely good detail....at Walgreens.

Horrorthon blog also loves them. So, I had to see them for myself. My first reaction was: surprise and disbelief (p.s. I just want you to know that if you Wikipedia "disbelief", the only entry you get is about a German metal band....f.y.i). I mean, I love Jason Voorhees and all of his work dearly...but, I don't feel as though he's still as prominent an icon in today's world of the spoOoOoOoky Jonas Brothers and Manic Miley Cyrus. Also, why just those 3? No Michael Myers? But hey, I'm not complaining! It's only September and I already get a Halloween gift!

So, after a little SpoooOoOoOoky spinning at the gym, followed by some Party City action to see how the shelves are coming along (which, by the way, are coming along fantastically-they are almost full, and they even have a fun little graveyard scene at the entrance which I am a huge fan of), we headed to Walgreens.

Jim and I scoured the aisles. They had a few little Halloween tidbits, among a sea of "back to school" garbage....but no pens...


ah, pens....but not those pens....

wait! I found one misplaced Jason pen! How did it get here? Who would put it back and not buy it? Where are the other two? I have to see/acquire them!

Sure enough, by the checkout, Jim found Leatherface and Freddy.

At $6.36, I swiped my card, and off we went to love them equally and unconditionally.

Jim's, and X-Entertainment's favorite is Leatherface. I have to agree with them both on their attention to detail, as Leatherface is proportionally detailed quite accurately, apron and all. Freddy tends to have a baseball glove for a claw-hand...and Jason's head is kind of small, and his Indiana Jones jacket isn't really movie-accurate.

But my favorite?



I love him despite his manufacturing imperfections.

Now, onto Jim.

Jim likes to play "Freddy vs. Jason, while Leatherface looks on" with said pens:

Caught 'ya:

Go get these pens!

61 days until Halloween!


Peggy, Nora, and Jules said...


thanks for your great comments! my aunt Peggy loves you!

I am sorry about my absence from boot camp...to be totally honest, i genuinely cannot make it and i might not be able to for the next couple of weeks. Don't think that I don't love "us" as a BC team... I do... it is still very close to my heart... I just have a lot that I need to get on top of with the new job & going to new rochelle for school. But I hope to make a triumphant return in the coming weeks and everything will go back to normal.
thanks for understanding and thanks for those excellent comments!