Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Monsters HD

A little over a year ago, my parents decided that they wanted to get a GIGANTIC tv. Why? Just because. I wasn't really surprised with this decision, and I wasn't really expecting it to be a long-lasting one, either.

My rents love to buy and return in some sort of sick, vicious-for-me, cycle. They'll buy one thing...keep it for a week...and then find just cause to return it. Examples: EZPass (name another person, I dare you), Optimum Online, Coffee makers, Computers, Printers, Industrial Sized Paper shredders...etc etc. I'd continue, but that would be too scary for this blog.

Anyways, I was reluctant to be excited. "It'll be returned by next Monday" I cynically thought to myself...

but there it sits. Too big for my living room. Massive.

And best of all: HD capable.

the only problem: they never put it ON HD. it remains regular...unless you reprogram it every...single...time.

so, it only really gets changed over to HD for sports.

and the food network.

but over the past few weeks, I've found a new HD love: Monsters HD.


sometimes, sure, you get a stinker.

but overall, I'm pleased with it.

I'm especially proud that someone out there aside from me feels it is important to dedicate an ENTIRE channel to the magic of horror movies.

Channel 777: I salute you and your cause.

Thanks to Monsters HD, I finally was able to see movies that I have heard of, but wasn't really interested in enough to rent:

Sleepaway Camp: The more I think about, the more I love this movie. For 1983, it was way beyond its time. You need to see the ending to this, if you haven't already...the most shocking on earth.

Alone in the Dark: This movie has some pretty big names in it...especially my BFF Donald Pleasence (a la Halloween). It's also really a fun movie to watch. check it out...on 777.

Dead Alive: ok fine, I actually had seen this one before...but who cares! seeing it on Monsters HD made it even BETTER! and if you didn't already know, Peter Jackson directed it...yes, I'm serious.

Witchboard: Tawny Kitaen is in this starring as maybe the worst actress in the universe. This movie is outrageous, please watch it.

Not to mention that 2 weeks ago, they did a Friday the 13th marathon...I considered calling out of work just to watch it, but then remembered that Jim had the box set.

I also like that during commercials, they show you a sneak peak of the upcoming movie called "See the best parts" and this ultimately determines whether or not I'm going to watch it.

You can also see what's playing for the month (PDF)

Anyways, I think I've made my point. Monsters HD is your personalized Halloween Channel. I love it.


I'll try that! said...

Thats awesome... The one horror movie I have always wanted to see is "Audition". I think its in Japanese though.

Jim said...

What was that movie on last night with the guy who had no face?

Monster Bash said...

i'll try that!:
i did see is in japanese and you have to read the's very, very weird.

you mean the one with Scott Bakula? it is Clive Barker's "Lord of Illusions", silly. i looked it up on the monstershd website...except they spelled illusions "illussions"