Monday, May 5, 2008

Bruise Cruise never ceases to amaze me. Today, in my search of all-things-gore n' more...I found that Wikipedia has a complete list of all horror films ever made..separated by decade. Amazing.
Since summer is so close I can almost touch it, I was thinking about my favorite summer/life past-time (besides halloween of course): Vacations!

But to get more specific...Cruises.

I love cruises.

but wait, this is supposed to be a spoOoOoOoOoky blog! What's so scary about cruising (besides the ship sinking into a sea of sharks)?

So, that has been my venture:

trying to compile a list of horror movies that revolve around going on a cruise.

I then began to realize how difficult this would be..because nowhere on the web does it make it easy on me.

I searched "Horror Ship" and got "Did you mean Little Shop of Horrors?"


But alas, I'm a glutton for's make this a game...I'll name as many as I can...and you fine MB readers add on whatever you can think of (that involves cruises/boats/vacationing at sea). Deal? ok! so without further ado:

Ok...I think that's a good start...what have you got?


Jim said...

I can't add to the list, however....I have to disagree that the Poseidon Adventure classifies as "horror"'s more of a thriller....not a Michael Jackson thriller...but like a suspense

I'll try that! said...

I agree with jim. If Poseidon is a horror movie, then Titanic is too.

Monster Bash said...

tough crowd...I'd like to see YOU TWO make a huge list with movies about cruises and horror. IT'S HARD.