Thursday, May 28, 2009

H2 Will Be 2 Times SpoOoOoOoOkier!

Monster Bash Blog Terrifying Teaser Time!

In 1978, John Carpenter made one of my favorite movies of all time: Halloween.
In the years to follow, up until around 2002, there were a total of 8 sequels.
In 2007, Rob Zombie created a "remake" of Halloween which explored the inner workings and beginnings of Michael Myers.

The remake was awesome because Rob Zombie's films tend to be very shocking, gory, and violent...yet very entertaining to watch. Halloween was no exception.
There were definitely some scenes that were horribly difficult to this one below:
This scene is where the bully that tortured Michael Myers at school during the day is walking home from school through the woods...
(Warning! This clip is pretty gruesome):

The clown mask even creeped me out.

Overall, I felt that Zombie payed homage to one of the greatest horror films ever.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that Rob Zombie's sequel to the original Halloween was going to be coming out...and it's called....H2:

Not to be confused with Halloween H2O:

According to the official website, H2 will be in theaters on August 28th...that's so soon! It's exactly 3 months from today...that's 3 months to get insanely pumped about it!!!

More to come on this later...


Jim said...

I heard LL Cool J plays Michael's only friend in this movie