Sunday, April 19, 2009

2009 Top SpoOoOoOooOoky Props from Transworld

Every year, TransWorld holds a convention that allows for people in the "Haunting" industry to check out the latest and greatest props. This year, the convention was held from March 27th to March 29th in St. Louis Missouri, at the America's Center.

Here's a video from (love the name, btw):

Scaryladyvideos also made a great video from the show:

I know, it's kind of long, but it has a great scene in the beginning with the psych patient behind the door in a video, a giant mobile pumpkin with a guy riding in it (1:50), some cool werewolves eating their prey (2:12), a "drowning" prop (3:48), and a whole bunch of huge winged creatures. The props are over-the-top this year, larger than life, intricate, and overall...really awesome!

Seriously, that prop with the door and the video screen behind it is almost becoming my "Spitting Debbie":

of last year...these next clips are from youtube:

Here's more of my fave: The Asylum Door:, who keeps me up to date on such great things as HAuNTcon, also had a pretty good interview with the people from Pale Night Productions who came up with this (click here for a list of their props, see some cool videos, and find out how to order them for Monster Bash 2009!).

Krazy Kristen:

The AtmosFEAR booth:

Here's a better look at that prop from AtmosFEAR, called "The Devil Inside Her":

She challenges you to a game of tic-tac-toe...on her face...for your soul!

Where was this last year for my Monster Bash?:

Here's that awesome werewolf again:

Haunted Illinois has some great info on all of the vendors from Transworld 2009, as does The Haunted Report via video, so check them both out for more info on these great props.

And then buy me one.

Now the question is: where do I fit these in Jim's room for Monster Bash '09? Hmmm....

...I think I could find a spot....