Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friday the 13th Month: Sea, Hell, and Space

Jason has come a long way from the underwaters of Camp Crystal Lake.

In parts 8, 9, and X, Jason is on a cruise ship, in Hell, and in outer space, respectively.

Now, reading that, it sounds ridiculous. And it reads just the way it should: ridiculous. There is no reason why a previously drowned child Jason in part one should be on a cruise ship, in Hell, and in outer space.

But, with Jason, there are no limits.

The question now is, where is Jason at his best?

Let's examine.


Jason Takes Manhattan Pictures, Images and Photos
Friday the 13th, Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan finds Jason sailing away with some promiscuous high school grads on a school related cruise around NYC.:

"New York has a new problem" is right! Jason's here! In the City! I would just like to post, in its entirety, Wikipedia's synopsis because I feel that I could not do it justice:

After being resurrected, this time by electricity from an underwater cable that was ripped open by the anchor of a houseboat, the unstoppable Jason Voorhees returns from the dead and kills a high school couple having sex.

The next morning, the cruise ship Lazarus, containing the senior class of Lakeview High, is bound for New York City for the school's high school graduation. The trip is chaperoned by Colleen Van Deusen and Charles McCulloch, who's also brought along his niece, Rennie Wickham. Before the ship sets sail, Jason grabs ahold of the ship's anchor, and climbs aboard. As the night continues on, Rennie keeps having flashbacks of Jason as a child when he drowned.

Meanwhile, Jason kills six passengers, two captains, and two crew members (one accidentally shot by one of the six killed passengers when looking for for Jason). However, one of the student's death causes a fire, burning the fuel tanks, and blowing a hole in the ship's hull. Because of this, Charles, Rennie, Colleen, two other students: Sean and Julius, and one dog abandon the ship in a row boat.

As the group continue to row to safety, they finally end up at New York City. Jason has followed them there however, and kills two gang bangers, a cop, Julius, Charles, and Colleen (killed accidentally when imolated in an exploding car), leaving Sean and Rennie running for their lives. Rennie has a flashback to an event from her early childhood where she was learning how to swim in Crystal Lake and was almost killed by a young Jason.

After a chase that spans from the subway system to Times Square, Rennie and Sean are left running into the sewers of Manhattan, where Jason follows and kills a Sanitation Worker. In an attempt to kill the last two survivors, the sewers are washed out with toxic waste, in which the unfortunate Jason Voorhees becomes submerged. Before the two surviving teens crawl out from the sewers and reunite with their dog in the middle of Times Square, Jason, due to the severe amount of toxic waste being washed over him, is finally at rest and has reverted back to a child, that as of when he originally drowned at Camp Crystal Lake. -Courtesy of

As usual, I've highlighted my favorite parts. Also, it's important to note that not only is Jason in NYC for a total of 10 mins of the movie, the director also portrays NYC as the gutter of the planet. Now, I don't really like New York City myself, but I mean, the amount of drug usage and toxic waste made me feel like I was watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.


jason goes to hell Pictures, Images and Photos

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday finds Jason not even in this movie...ok fine, barely in this movie. Instead, we find out about Jason's "origins" through a moving evil circulating through innocent victims.

I have to be honest here, I don't really discuss this one on Monster Bash Blog very often because it is probably my least favorite Friday the 13th film. And not just because he's not in it, because he also isn't in Part 5 "A New Beginning" and I still liked that one just fine. Thank goodness they decided to not end the series here, even though it was nearly a decade later before Jason X would be released. This movie is absolutely ridiculous. It tries to go back and explain all of the ins and outs of Jason Voorhees and there's a snake crawling into people and people eating hearts and being possessed. Did you know that Jason had a sister? Did you know that Jason could only be killed through a special knife and by a family member? Me neither. In fact, if that were the case, why did it taken 9 movies to figure this out? Who the hell is Duke, also? Why does this Duke character know so much about Jason's lineage? The only redeeming qualities of this movie are: 1. The Jason Burgers, 2. The girl that gets chopped in half in the tent during the realistic sex scene that I truly believe is real, and 3. The heart eating scene is really, really gross.
Actually, now that I think about it this movie is so ridiculous I can't even make myself like it. The ending has Freddy's glove grabbing Jason and dragging him down into Hell, where I imagine he was negotiating with him for Freddy vs. Jason. He and Freddy team up briefly before Jason is launched into space in Jason X...even though Jason X came out first by a year. Who cares! It's Jason!


jason x Pictures, Images and Photos
Jason X finds Jason sailing through space. In the future.

Jason X takes place in futuristic 2010'ish wow! Wonder what that's like a year from now! But then it REALLY takes place in 2455 which is still a little while away and Jason becomes Mega Jason. Jason X may be one of my favorites from the series, because space was the absolute last place I'd ever expect Jason Voorhees to venture and I can't even believe someone decided that this movie was a good idea. It wasn't a good was a great idea! Possibly the best idea anyone could think of..I just wish on anything that I could have been in that board meeting where they presented this plot to movie executives. Where to begin? I do have to say though, when we have friends over for a spoOoOooky bash and we ask what movie people want to watch, this one always wins. That has to say something.

So where do you think Jason is best? At sea? In Hell? In outer space?

Perhaps Jason is truly the best at Camp Crystal Lake, patrolling the promiscuous.

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I don't decide.