Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lifetime Movie Network IS Scary!

Because Cablevision's prices have become so scary I just can't take it anymore, we decided to make the switch over to Verizon Fios.

So far, since we are in the "special deal" phase, we are loving it.

There's so much to enjoy...FearNet is here and bountiful with its free movies...I watch them all and have some great ones I want to share my thoughts on them with you...

There's the Chiller mmm good...

And then there's a uterus's best friend: Lifetime Movie Network, or LMN to the "chick movie" savvy.

Oh man, I can't get enough. It's a buffet of movies that we women love.

But you know something, these movies can be pretty scary!

you can actually go through 121 pages of movies and see all of them in their majesty on the LMN website...

I mean, look at some of the titles:
"A Face to Kill For"
"A Killer Among Friends"
"Killing in a Small Town"
"A Nightmare come True"
"A Perfect Murder"
"A Vow To Kill"

I could go on and on...all of them wonderful and disturbing.

I'd like to give you a few of my favorites:

1.  No One Would Tell.

I'm going to take "best Lifetime movie" ever one step further...This movie might be the best MOVIE ever.  You've got Fred Savage and Candace Cameron in an abusive relationship.  Sally Jessy Raphael makes a cameo.  Watching the guy from the Wonder Years as a monster terrorizing poor DJ Tanner to a brutal early 90's soundtrack is like a morbid dream come true.  This movie is a must see if you are a human being who likes movies.

2. A Cry For Help: The Tracey Thurman Story

This movie is incredible because it is a true story. This poor woman is terrorized by her crazy husband and he STABS her and STOMPS on her head while the cop just stands there and moves his car around and looks confused...miraculously she lives and sues the police department for doing jack shit while Dale Midkiff jumps on her head and screams "I KILLED YOUR MOTHER" to their young son. This movie makes me ROAR at my tv at the cops AND Dale Midkiff. It's a must see.

3. A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story

This movie is so sad. Also a true story, and Mercedes Ruhl is the mom, so obviously she tears it up. It's about a boy who wants to be a woman, and is killed because of it. It's gripping and sad. Also scary that people are a-holes and ignorant and intolerant of others to the point of killing in a brutal way.

4. Nightmare at the End of the Hall
"Courtney Snow (Sara Rue), an author with writer's block, still haunted by the suicide of her best friend while they were in prep school, finds herself teaching at the very same school while trying to get back on her feet. She encounters a young student, Laurel, who seems in every way to be the reincarnation of her best friend from years ago. Laurel seems to know things about Courtney that only dead friend would have known. Is she losing her mind or is it all a cruel hoax? In order to learn what is going on in the here and now, Courtney must first deal with what happened back then. Courtney thought she knew everything about Jane's death, but she never knew the whole truth. If Jane's spirit is indeed working through Laurel, Jane's got unfinished business. One thing is certain; Jane's suicide was never the simple tragedy everybody wanted to believe that it was. "

5. Secrets in the Walls
"Single mom Rachel Easton (Jeri Ryan) and her two daughters, Molly (Peyton Roi List) and Lizzie (Kay Panabaker), move from their cramped Detroit apartment to the suburbs when Rachel gets an irresistible deal on her dream house. But with the night comes scratching from within the walls, distant cries, and a figure of a young woman in the shifting shadows of the basement, and Lizzie begins to behave strangely"

6.  Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?
Tori Spelling is in this...Need I say more?  Ok, fine, she dates a crazed stalker and her mom tries to intervene which could prove deadly...ahhh!

7.  Video Voyeur:  The Susan Wilson Story
Oh my God this one is so creepy.  They move into this house and their creepy neighbor is VIDEOTAPING them and keeping tapes!!! AHHHH!! That's terrifying!

8.  A Deadly Encounter
A woman driving home late at night accidentally cuts a guy off driving home...the guy unfortunately is a psycho stalker who now wants her dead.  This is legitimately scary to me, the idea anyway, because people on the road are in-sane!

9.Hunger Point  /   Perfect Body

What would LMN be without eating disorders?  Perfect Body is about a gymnast who is told to lose a few pounds and it frightened me...Hunger Point has Joan from Mad Men and Barbara Hershey and it also deals with eating disorders. True Lifetime form here, people.

10.  Speak

Bella from Twilight (fine, Kristen Stewart) is raped and becomes introverted.  This one isn't too scary, minus the rape part, but it's more about her coping with it.  Actually, it is kind of scary.  Rape IS scary.  I take back what I said before.

Ugh, it's so hard to narrow them down...What's your favorite Lifetime movie?


Anonymous said...

I love Lifetime & Made for TV movies so much omg.

Speaking of Fred Savage and Candace Cameron, I recently marathoned the entire series of Boy Meets World (which has amazing Halloween episodes, btw) and Candace Cameron played a witch that Jack dated. AND Fred Savage played Topanga's creeper teacher that made a pass at her then DENIED it. Scary indeed!

I'm so glad you mentioned A Perfect Body because I can't eat lettuce without thinking of it!

Anonymous said...

i luv lifetime! speak is good

Anonymous said...

I thought lmn was strictly for movies not these documentaries you put on like killer kids intervention and all those other ones I don't like them I look forward to the movies and when I see those other shows on and not the movies I get upset so please take them off or put them on a different channel lmn is for movies only

Anonymous said...

can you plea put movies on I am so disappointed when I turn lmn on and no movie

Monster Bash Blog said...

Dear Anonymous, I agree LmN should play more movies; however you need to reach out to LMN. I am merely a blog

Monster Bash Blog said...

Also this was from 2011 when LMN did play movies.