Monday, May 9, 2011

I Spit On Your Grave (remake)...I love that title

Seriously, I do. I couldn't even think of a witty remark for it. The title is so great all by itself.

So, at work, everyone knows my love of Halloween. One of my coworkers had recommended "I Spit on Your Grave" (the remake) and said it was great. I decided to trust and see for myself.

Now, I've never seen the original. I know, shame on me. I really should see the original because originals are usually superior to the remakes. Unless you're the new Batman reboot, which is arguably the greatest thing ever (The Dark Knight holds the key to my heart).

Anyways, Let's get started! But first...

Dear spoiler-hater,

Don't hate - appreciate!

Sincerely yours,
MB Blog

I started watching it and immediately it reminded me of "The Last House on the Left".  The first half of the movie I found pretty difficult to starts out pretty slow, a girl moves out to the country side to write a book or something...she runs into some creepy local trash bags...and then it becomes a grisly rape festival.

Even the sheriff gets in on the action...yikes.

finally, she manages to stumble away and fall into the water where the rapists presume she's dead.

But she isn't!

The rest of the movie is GREAT. It's pure revenge and you are rooting for her to get the bad guys...

And the death/torture scenes for these bad guys are in-cred-ible.

Ok so first there's this guy, the "videographer":

Recognize him?  He was one of the characters in that movie "Bully" which was super weird and kind of sad.  She ties him to the tree so that he's choking, hooks his eyelids open, rubs fish juice on him, and then birds eat his eyes...

Then there's this guy:

He's suspended over a tub filled with lye and has to hold himself up to avoid falling in...

Then there's the leader of the pack of idiots:

he ends up getting tied up, gagged, and losing an important appendage which gets shoved in his mouth via hedge clippers...

Finally the sheriff:

He ends up with a shotgun shoved where the sun doesn't shine...the trigger is tied to one of the other guys, who is sleeping and doesn't know he's tied to a shotgun trigger...

oh man...I'd hate to be that guy.

So basically, MB Blog's sPOoOoOoOoktacular review is that the first 45 mins are pretty non-memorable, but if you can get past that and get to the revenge part, it's definitely worth the watch!