Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weird NJ

When I used to work in a mall, my boss used to always bring in his copy of Weird NJ magazine, and leave it in the back and then i would flip through it when I would be working by myself at night.

For those of you not from the garden state, you probably think NJ is the garbage can of America. and for the most part, I can't really find much to disagree with you on. Don't get me wrong, I happen to love good ol' NJ. We have the Jersey shore and all of its magic (watch the Tommy Cheeseballs episode of True Life of MTV and you'll know what I mean). Watch it Here!
We also have...hm....the...meadowlands? yeah, the meadowlands! and Giant's Stadium! and Newark Airport!...and...um....well anyway, you get the picture. I actually really like living here. but for those who do not, and who are lovers of the bizarre and not really explainable, Weird NJ is where NJ gets redeemed!
Let's face it, even CNN thinks that it's worth writing about-and they even call NJ "One Weird State".

First of all, Any website that uses the word "weird" as much as I use the word "spOoOoOoky" gets major kudos.

They have also earned the honor of having their own YouTube station.

Apparently, Weird NJ is so insanely popular, that it now has spanned into other states, and on the History Channel-Weird U.S.

So what makes Weird NJ so scary?

Well, when we were younger (high school and immediately post-high school), my friends and I would try to find these creepy locations and "find the ghosts". In the process of trying to find ghosts, we would end up scaring the crap out of ourselves.

Annie's Road - a road in Totowa that is supposedly haunted by a woman dressed in white
Clinton Road - supposedly there is a ghost boy, as well as cannibals, witches, and other horrific things that haunt this area...we ended up in pennsylvania almost because we were driving so far and terrifying ourselves in the process.
Midgetville (not really ghosts, but illegal none-the-less). There are rumored different places that Midgetville is located...I went to the one in Edgewater though. I kind of find Midgetville disrespectful nowadays. I was stupid and young then, but now, I'd pass on going there again. it's rude.
Devil's Tower (also illegal to drive though, but is located in one of the wealthiest towns around and therefore, completely not scary). The rumor was that if you drove around backwards enough times (figure that one out), you'd see the devil.

It was definitely one of those things that you'd do on a Friday or Saturday night and convince yourself that "what you saw was real".

And so, even though we can really only get a dose of Weird NJ in May and October in magazine form, the weirdness and spoOoOoooOokiness lasts year round!


Jim said...

(Scene: Midgetville)

Cop: What are you guys doing here?

Us: Nothing.

Cop: Don't you guys have anything better to do on a Saturday night. Don't any of you have girlfriends?

Us: No.

I love your blog topic of choice, dear...Weird NJ is awesome.

Monster Bash said...

hahah i forgot that you guys also went there! Don't you feel like a jerk now for doing that? I love that the cop asked you that. Nothing better to do...so sad.

Glad you like the blog, Jim!

let me check out your blog...oh...nothing new for a month now....i see.

Jim said...

Lay off, I have summer classes.

There might be a blog about our awesome summer plans....coming soon!