Friday, June 13, 2008

13 Friday 2008

I made the title European to look extra Euro-SpOoOoOoky, I hope you appreciate it!
superstitious 13
What can I say? I wasn't going to blog today, but how could I not? The next time Friday the 13th will occur is February 2009...which happens to be the opening day of the REMAKE of Monster Bash Blog's favorite movie series of all time....FRIDAY the 13th!!!!! (more to come on that later, because I have alot to talk about with that, and I'm super pumped about it).

But! This is the self-proclaimed Queen of Halloween's dream come true!

I was actually nervous about going to work and getting my hair done, because the 13th is an unlucky day...

The Wikipedia page about today is actually very interesting...go check it out!

So, go break some mirrors, cross a black cat's path, walk under a couple of ladders...and most importantly: watch a scary movie!

black cat


Anonymous said...

Last night was 80's Night at my favorite bar.We celebrated a day early. Friday the 13th on the big screen TV,muted...80's music as the soundtrack.We tried to get a Dark Side of Oz thing going with Michael Jackson's Triller but it didn't quite pan out.

Monster Bash said...

that sounds awesome! did you watch it? was it the first one? the 3rd friday the 13th movie actually has it's own 80's sounding's incredible!

That's a crying shame they didn't use Thriller.

Anonymous said...

It was the first one.The guy sitting at the bar next to me was trying to impress me with all this movie trivia ,like pointing out Kevin Bacon and throwing out obscure cross-references to the movie and whatever.It was kind of funny. We were all kind of half-assed watching it, yelling at the screen and screaming in mock terror. Good times. I'm sure it's funnier if you're drunk :P