Monday, August 11, 2008

Til' Death....?

...Do us Party?

So, I went to a wedding recently, and being a 25 year old female with a significant other for a significant number of years...going to weddings now makes you think about...well...your own wedding.

Monster Bash Blog loves weddings! It's a giant party where everyone is happy and eating great food and celebrating everlasting love and watching Jim dance to Michael Jackson songs.
Weddings are also great because regardless of how traditional or nontraditional they are, each one is different and reflective of who is having the wedding.

Now, I know what you're thinking...and trust me..Monster Bash Blog is NOT going soft on you. This isn't becoming Wedding Bash Blog. I'm still into spoOoOoOOoOoky gore and horror.

But, more than a few times, I have been approached by friends with the idea that I should have a spOooOoOokified wedding when my time comes (which if my calculations are correct will be in another 55 years and I'll be a spinster and then my wedding will REALLY be scary).

And you know what? I've given it some thought. I've been tirelessly searching the internet trying to see what other people have done for their SpoOOOooOoOOktacular day.

One website shows haunted place settings for one wedding:

and here someone did a corpse bride/nightmare before christmas themed wedding and cake:

someone other people even documented their halloween themed wedding in blogs.

And of course, not everyone went with the "dress in costume" invites and Nightmare Before Christmas route...some people kept it classy-traditional and just used the autumn theme more so than the Halloween theme.

There are definitely pros and cons to doing it either way.


  • I do enjoy that in October, the weather isn't scorching hot or freezing cold, so temperature-wise it's a good move.
  • If you have your reception at a place that has views of trees or outdoor scenery, the folliage would be gorgeous.
  • Orange is my favorite color.
  • It's it could be considered the most extravagant Monster Bash ever.
  • Halloween = insane amounts of fun, Weddings = insane amounts of fun, so therefore, Halloween Wedding = 2x insane amounts of fun!
  • The bridesmaids don't have to worry about hideous dresses, they can wear a costume!
  • Fall is awesome.


  • Not everyone likes Halloween (because they obviously have other underlying emotional issues, because I really can't imagine why someone in their right state of mind wouldn't like Halloween), and so not everyone would enjoy it.
  • Corny-factor....i.e. "Costume? are you kidding me?"
  • Would people want to replace the "Electric Slide" with the "Monster Mash"?
  • Tied with the "Corny-factor" but, if it doesn't go perfectly, it could be a huge disaster
  • People may be allergic to candy corn
  • Could be too scary for the kids (flower girls/ring bearers)
  • My mom would cry
I guess my overall feeling right now, is that despite my undying adoration for the 31st of October, I'm still a traditional kind of lady.....

.....But don't think for a second that I'm not adding my own personal, spOoOoOoOky elegance to my big day.


Jim said...

I thought we agreed on a Christmas-tree for the table centerpiece?