Saturday, January 30, 2010

Final Destination Formula

A couple of nights ago, I couldn't fall asleep. It was just one of those nights. After almost ripping my own face off from the rhythmic sounds of Jim snoring and me not being able to wake him up to keep me occupied or even to talk to me...I turned on the tv to see if there was anything to put me to sleep.

Flip, flip flip...

Ah, what's this?

I got to TNT and there it was: Final Destination 3.
Final Destination 3 Pictures, Images and Photos
Not 1, not 2...3.

3 Final Destinations.

Now, I've seen the first one. That airplane scene was pretty neat, if I do say so myself.

I saw the beginning scene to part 2...also very well done. Scary even. Those Final Destination people really know how to play off of our own fears of death, don't they?

Now 3. 3 was...well, exactly the same.

The beginning involves a roller coaster (I'm spoiling, in case you can't tell-so don't be "a hater"-I watch too much Jersey Shore...more on that later)

The roller coaster scene is also cool. I mean, not as cool as the other two...but still, very cool. And scary. Because it makes me think of all of those times that I sat on a roller coaster, waiting and thinking of us flying off the tracks. So yes, you got me again, FD3.

And then the rest of the movie? Aside from that awesome tanning bed scene:

it all fits the same pattern of Final Destination films.

I mean, the characters are sorta different...

FD3 Stars that girl from that dance movie:
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and the guy that played Deckard the creepy computer geek in Halloween: Resurrection:
Final Destination 3 Pictures, Images and Photos
(the guy on the left)

other than that...same.

Here's the FD formula:
1. Crazy death scene after starring character experiences premonition of said death scene.
2. A certain amount of people who would have been involved in the above crazy death scene are spared due to main character's premonition and/or freak-out about the aforementioned premonition.
3. The survivors feel guilt...some don't feel guilt though. Main character feels insane amounts of guilt and is treated like a freak by society.
4. Survivors begin dying one by one in cleverly done death the order that they would have died in the original crazy death scene.
5. Main character and sidekick discover "death's pattern" and try to save the survivors.
6. Main character and sidekick (sometimes love-interest) manage to defy death and "survive".
7. Time passes and then death comes back for them in crazy death scene ending.
8. Sequel.

Final Destination 3 Pictures, Images and Photos

Did anyone see the 3D one yet? Is it any good?
It looks 3D licious:


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